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Frequently Asked Questions About RSS News Feeds

Here is an overview of how the web-based My RSS Creator works. We have assembled this list of Questions & Answers to help you.

Do you want to learn more about RSS? Watch this great Video from

Features of the web based service

How do I set up my RSS channel? Create your membership account. Simply fill out a form and your channel is created. This takes about 1 minute.

How can I create new posts to my channel? It is very simple. Fill out the form. Enter the content of your post and click create. Done!

Can I schedule posts to my channel? You can preload as many posts as you like and schedule them for publication whenever you want. EZ drop down calendar lets you select the date and time for publication. This means you can load up as much content as you like and then put your feed on autopilot for when it publishes this information to your channel.

This is handy if you are going to be on vacation, or just want to preload the info for a few days or months in advance. Please note that not all feed reader software recognize this feature of RSS. They may, at their option, publish all your content immediately. We have no control over this! We are simply providing access to this feature for the benefit of RSS feed readers that comply with it.

How do I delete posts? Your users account lists every post. Just select the post you wish to delete and verify deletion. Done.

Can I change the feed settings: Yes, just edit the feed form and save.

Channel & RSS Feed Hosting: We host everything required for your feed to operate. Feed, Channel, Web Pages, Posts, everything!

Can I put a photo in my feed? Yes. When you create your feed you can just select a photo on your desktop and upload the photo. Takes about 30 seconds. This is nice if you want your logo in your feed, or a picture of a product.

Do people need a feed reader to read my feed? No, That is one of the great benefits of this service. Any web browser will allow them to read your feed channel. But they can also read your feed with a feed reader if they want.

How do I track my feed account? We have a users area that allows you to monitor the status of your feed ant any time from any computer with internet access.

What is My RSS channel location & link? A way to tell people about your feed. We generate this link for you so that you can paste it on your website or put it in emails to tell people about your feed.

How do I submit my RSS Feed to the search engines so people can find my feed channel? We have a built in tool, simply click on the engines & directories that you want to notify that your feed exists and your feed will be instantly submitted.

How do I add the subscribe to MYRSSCreator feed channel  button to my website? We create the buttons automatically for you. Simply cute and paste the code on your webpage and you are done.

How do I add the add to my Yahoo & add to My MSN   buttons to my website? We create these buttons automatically for you. Simply cut and paste the code on your webpage and you are done.

How do I add the orange RSS & XML buttons to my website. We create the buttons automatically for you. Simply cut and paste the code on your webpage and you are done.

How long does it take the search engines to find my RSS Feed? Virtually instantly. No more waiting for the search engines to find you. You will be instantly indexed by Yahoo and others.

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Why do I need a Feed? Oh, there are about 100 reasons why you should have a feed, but we will limit it to the top 10 here. To communicate with clients, customers, team members, prospects, friends, co-workers, to promote your business, to market your business, to market your website, to compliment your newsletter, to put your info on peoples My Yahoo home page...That's just a few of the reasons. Are you starting to see how you can communicate with anyone online easily?

Do I need a Website for a Feed? No. Many people will tell you that you actually need a website to have an RSS feed. Not True! You can simply use our service. We host everything required for you. But if you have a website, we do all the hard work for you. You just cut and paste a piece of code and you are done. Our wizard does all the hard work of creation, submission, and search engine pinging. Our service also works just fine in conjunction with your website.

What are the benefits of a having feed? An unfiltered/guaranteed way to reach your subscribers or target market. A potentially higher search engine ranking. An easy way to keep your website fresh with new content. Another way to get listed with the search engines & RSS directories and have people find your RSS feed and website easily.

How popular are feeds? Very Popular: 30 million users at last count. They are just starting to reach the mainstream. Currently the growth rate is exponential. Feed usage and readership is Doubling Every Month. This is the hottest communication trend online.  People are using feeds to get the information that they want instead of searching for it and then having to go to many websites. Feeds are a huge timesaver for people using the internet.

How do I get started? Simply create an account. If you're not 100% pleased with the service, fee free to cancel at any time.

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