Mac Old Times Are Good Times

December 30th, 2014

Humankind has gotten more comfortable with computers over the years, and I’m convinced that this has less to do with operating systems and Killer Apps than it does with simple, caveman-type responses to concepts of Scale.

The Number One most terrifying concept to your basic caveman was, of course, God. So enormous that you couldn’t see Him, touch Him, or hear Him (the prophets notwithstanding), He nonetheless had a very real impact in terms of earthquakes, lightning, and other forms of mass entertainment of the day. Next down were the cave bears and saber-toothed tigers. Enormous, yes; terrifying, definitely. But you could see them, and anything you could see you could run away from.

Humankind really started feeling comfortable with the natural world only after it had been domesticated and could actually do useful things for people. The cow gave us milk, for which we were grateful, but it was the dog that we wound up slinging Frisbees at. Why did Benji: The Hunted star a small cuddly stray mutt instead of an asphalt-clomping stray Holstein? Scale, ladies and gentlemen . . . scale!
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Does The Perfect Database Exist?

December 21st, 2014

I had a dream about a database beyond anything I, or anyone had ever seen. It was crazy. And when I got my hands on it, it all went like this:

dataIt was time to try the interface. I assumed the role of a student, and selected the basic search mode. The default box was keyword with an option to click on title, author, or source. The default operator was adjacency, and when I typed in my topic as a phrase, that’s exactly what I retrieved. As I read over the brief citations that were listed by relevancy in Read the rest of this entry »

Data Recovery Experts Are Very Efficient

November 22nd, 2014

The world of computers has grown adversely and there are some very vital services that come with the same. There are some experts who are needed in the day to day running of the computers for the hard drives keep on crushing from time to time. A data recovery expert is a very essential person who plays a very important role in the maintaining of efficiency in running the computer and hard drives. Most of the computer users are quite illiterate on an issue that concern the computer maintenance and that is why they rely on a data recovery expert. The services of a data recovery expert can be got online and that is why there are very many service providers who market their services online. Most often, the data recovery expert will check on your hard drive for free and send you the state so as to know the degree of damage. Rest assured the data recovery expert would keep all your information secret in the whole process because some of the data might be very sensitive and secrecy has to be upheld at all cost. After taking care of the damage the hard drive can be shipped to you and all this can be done at no expense. All these services are for sure pocket friendly. Read the rest of this entry »

Frontier Changed The Web’s Look

November 12th, 2014

So you’re making the transition from managing a handful of Web pages to managing a site of dozens, even hundreds, of pages. But you’re wary of the challenges. You know that several tools are available to help you manage your site, from Adobe SiteMill to DeltaPoint’s QuickSite, but you’re also aware that these commercial applications are expensive and may not individually include all the features you need.

Before you decide to invest in a site-management program, consider an alternative that’s increasingly popular in the Mac Webmaster community: UserLand Software’s Frontier. Although it isn’t the easiest Mac application to use, it has very important advantages over most site-management tools on the market — it’s flexible, and it’s free. Read the rest of this entry »

Customer Service Software As A Troubleshooter

November 4th, 2014

cssTechnology has a great impact on human lives. Lives are getting faster day by day so the customer is demanding more, better and quick services. They want delivery from every convenience channel.  So that is why the organizations are creating a new space for their customer to make them feel comfort. So, they introduce customer service software. Customer service software is designed to increase the customer satisfaction, which not only beneficial for the customer but also for organization as well, it helps to maintain the loyalty of the customer. This is a way to meet the expectations of the customer.

Customer service software used to exceed the level of expectations of the customer; it’s an easy medium to communicate or to be communicated by the customer. It helps the organization to know there deficiencies in their product or services. This software helps in both types of industries manufacturing as well as service. The results are totally positive, industries and services departments seen increase in the demands of their product and services, which help them to achieve the motive of enjoying high profit margins. This software helps the person to be connected 24/7 with their brand in which they can get a solution of their problems on a very right time without any problem.
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Multiple Web Servers, Tons Of Power

November 3rd, 2014

Can you have multiple Web servers, application servers, and database servers without transaction-oriented middleware? We doubt it.

Oh, what a tangled Web we weave when first we practice to write three-tier Web-based applications without using transaction processing (TP) monitor middleware. The same software technology mainframes use to process millions of transactions per day, recast into Web-suitable form, is a sine qua non for developing and running business-automation applications on an intranet or the Internet.

The effort to program the business logic isn’t the issue here. Supporting thousands of clients is. Business logic analysts and programmers have neither the time nor the expertise to create the transaction-oriented, network-based architecture a high-volume application will demand in everyday use; they have enough work to do automating business procedures and rules.

Fortunately, a small but growing group of vendors offers Web-aware TP monitor tools you can choose from. Some of these are mature, pre-Web products to which vendors have added Web awareness, while others are new tools designed expressly for use within applications based on Web browsers and HTTP servers. Read on to explore the software technologies embodied by Web-based TP monitors.
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Does Music Piracy Even Matter Anymore??

October 22nd, 2014

mpThe Red Book audio CD is a pirate’s fantasy since it stores high-fidelity digital audio on unprotected media. Such CDs contain a “Table of Contents” that informs players where tracks (or songs) are located. The tracks themselves are composed of blocks (or sectors) of uncompressed and unprotected Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) digital audio content. CD players then read these blocks of PCM audio and transform them into analog waveforms that can be processed by your ears. Surprisingly, anyone call read these audio sectors and create bootleg content. Fortunately for the music industry, few people knew of this shocking weakness since early consumer devices were playback-only. Read the rest of this entry »